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India: Timeline

The Preamble of the Constitution of The India that says “We the people of India”, often hits some unexplored parts of my mind, raising a series of questions. One of those that hijacks my chain of thoughts is the word ‘India’.

Having been to so many places in India often raises the questions like “what is India” “Who is India” “Where is India” “whose is India”.

One of my inmates once told me that Indians means “Jahil n Ganwar”.


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First u Fake it….

Lets begin with a proverb

“Attitude shows the altitude”

Uuummmmm… that will suffice…
Oops! I forgot its a blog not a tweet. So do you guys needs me to elaborate!?

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Durga: In a country where women are worshipped as well as enslaved

Roaming about roads of Sonagachi, I m (i don’t know d right word… stunned/shocked/feared/…). Here on one side you can see huge idols of Devi, decorated with 16 Sringaars….. on the others side there are Pros. On one side pujari is accepting “Prasadam” from worshippers, calculating his cut… On the other side DALAL is doing the same.

Must I laugh …. or should I cry…

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Transformation : When crowd turns into Mob

While wandering in streets of Khidirpur I witnessed a horrific scene… where a young man was dragged by a car, for abt a KM…. And what happend next was more terrific.

I was amazed to see cops running away from the scene. On enquiring the reason they told me its not cowardice…. ITS STATEGISTIC….. however i m not here to talk about Policegiri.

Coming back to Crime Scene… everyone was running towards that car . Thanking the Almighty that humans still feel pain to fellow human beings I too closed near the victim. Ooooohhoooo… nobody cared about the man (man ! God… he was just a boy). A few were beating the driver. Someone was shouting to call the Ambulance. Others were discussing poor Traffic Rules and System of the country. After a good argument with my driver and calling up the 108, I left to finish the task i was up to. After half an hour, on my way back a horrible scene welcomed me.

More than 3 vehicles were on fire.

Out of curiosity, neglecting cautions from my “experienced” driver, I asked him to pull. He obliged, but asked me to stay in car till he comes back. After a good 15 min he was back with some information viz:-

* Identify of the victim is unknown.
* Therewere atleast 16 incidents of chain- snatching/ pickpocketing in last 30 mins.
* AntiSocial elements (they all were humans, The Social “Animal”) have burnt 2 huts and 3 vehicles, 2 got injured etc etc….

I sat frooze, witnessing the transformation.

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Thoughts vs Belief

Since my childhood I have heard that we can do watever we think. I still have doubts on that.

However my intentions are not to challenge old beliefs but ….. oooo ya that but. I have a friend (we all have some friends like that one…. and guess what..  we all are like that ‘one’) who thinks to buy a Ferrari. Once I while surfing I got through one so I just called him to my desk and asked to have a look…. with a sigh he said “I believe I can never have one”…


So, this is my point. Its not wat you think… its wat you believe.



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World Around Us

हम बचपन से सुनते आ रहे, “ये दुनिया बहुत बुरी है” लेकिन ये सवाल भी तब से ही दिमाग में ट्रिंग ट्रिंग कर रहा है की बुर कौन। कबीर कहता है “बुरा जो देखन मैं चला बुरा न मिल्या कोय, जो मन देखो आपना मुझ्सो बुरा न कोय।”

लेकिन मेरा मानना है की कोई बुरा नहीं ।ये दुनिया सिर्फ अच्छे लोगों से भरी है। डरे हुए अच्छे लोग। हर कोई किसी न किसी से डरा हुआ है। नौकरी, छोकरी … जवानी, बुढ़ापा आदि आदि। ये सब चीजें इंसान को डरती हैं। डरा हुआ इन्सान नपुंसक हो जाता है। और बाकी का हाल तो सब जानते हैं।

तो दोस्तों आज क बाद कोई बुरा करता हुआ हुआ दिखे तो उसपे दया करना और कहना “कितना डरपोक है ये।”

अंत में “my thoughts are governed by action….. I m just a ripple in great universe….. bear me . Share me.. I m happiness”

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