Transformation : When crowd turns into Mob

While wandering in streets of Khidirpur I witnessed a horrific scene… where a young man was dragged by a car, for abt a KM…. And what happend next was more terrific.

I was amazed to see cops running away from the scene. On enquiring the reason they told me its not cowardice…. ITS STATEGISTIC….. however i m not here to talk about Policegiri.

Coming back to Crime Scene… everyone was running towards that car . Thanking the Almighty that humans still feel pain to fellow human beings I too closed near the victim. Ooooohhoooo… nobody cared about the man (man ! God… he was just a boy). A few were beating the driver. Someone was shouting to call the Ambulance. Others were discussing poor Traffic Rules and System of the country. After a good argument with my driver and calling up the 108, I left to finish the task i was up to. After half an hour, on my way back a horrible scene welcomed me.

More than 3 vehicles were on fire.

Out of curiosity, neglecting cautions from my “experienced” driver, I asked him to pull. He obliged, but asked me to stay in car till he comes back. After a good 15 min he was back with some information viz:-

* Identify of the victim is unknown.
* Therewere atleast 16 incidents of chain- snatching/ pickpocketing in last 30 mins.
* AntiSocial elements (they all were humans, The Social “Animal”) have burnt 2 huts and 3 vehicles, 2 got injured etc etc….

I sat frooze, witnessing the transformation.


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