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I m like water with powers of Leo.....


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India: Timeline

Originally posted on History:
The Preamble of the Constitution of The India that says “We the people of India”, often hits some unexplored parts of my mind, raising a series of questions. One of those that hijacks my chain of thoughts is the word … Continue reading

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First u Fake it….

Lets begin with a proverb “Attitude shows the altitude” Uuummmmm… that will suffice… Oops! I forgot its a blog not a tweet. So do you guys needs me to elaborate!?

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Durga: In a country where women are worshipped as well as enslaved

Women Continue reading

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Transformation : When crowd turns into Mob

While wandering in streets of Khidirpur I witnessed a horrific scene… where a young man was dragged by a car, for abt a KM…. And what happend next was more terrific. I was amazed to see cops running away from … Continue reading

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Thoughts vs Belief

Since my childhood I have heard that we can do watever we think. I still have doubts on that. However my intentions are not to challenge old beliefs but ….. oooo ya that but. I have a friend (we all … Continue reading

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World Around Us

हम बचपन से सुनते आ रहे, “ये दुनिया बहुत बुरी है” लेकिन ये सवाल भी तब से ही दिमाग में ट्रिंग ट्रिंग कर रहा है की बुर कौन। कबीर कहता है “बुरा जो देखन मैं चला बुरा न मिल्या कोय, … Continue reading

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